From Left – Saverio Saliba, Giuseppe Saliba, Emanuel Saliba (Giuseppe’s brother)

It all started in the 1950s

Mosta Bacon Co. Ltd. came to fruition in 1988 but it all started way back in the 1950s. Giuseppe Saliba, better known as Peppi, immigrated to Fremantle, Australia following the death of his father Saver who left him with a livestock brokerage business that wasn’t losing money but wasn’t making it either. During that period the price of pigs had collapsed.


In Fremantle Peppi used to work in the auto-industry but was unhappy. He was always transfixed by supermarkes counters selling meat. He decided to go back home and open a modern meat-seller’s shop selling different cuts all neatly trimmed like those in Fremantle. The shop was in the shadow of Mosta’s church and was named “London Butcher”.

Wedding Photo of Giuseppe and his wife Marianna


In the early 1960s Peppi started experimenting with different ways of making bacon. During that period the only bacon that was available in Malta was from a British company. Peppi’s bacon was an instant hit and a huge one. With the support of his wife Marianna he soon had to close his shop and open a bacon factory. He called it “Mosta Bacon”. Before long, he was buying 400 pigs a year and helping keep the pig husbandry industry afloat.


Producing bacon alone wasn’t enough for Peppi. Together with his 6 children, Mosta Bacon went on to produce all kinds of hams, cured meats, burgers, minces, and sausages. But its signature product and its great innovation was and remains “il-perżuta tal-għadma”.

Mosta Baocon’s first delivery van

Mosta Bacon’s first Logo


In 1988, Peppi together with his wife Marianna and their 6 children, Rina, John, Charles, Emanuel, Valerie and Anthony established Mosta Bacon Co. Ltd., a locally registered company. Although the business went on to producing many more items than just bacon, they decided to retain the original name the business was known by.

The company has since then also established itself as one of the leading meat and frozen food importers in Malta.

Giuseppe & Marianna Saliba

Rina Pisani

John Saliba

Charles Saliba

Emanuel Saliba

Valerie Sammut

Anthony Saliba

1990s & 2000s

Mosta Bacon continued expanding its cold storage facilities as well as its manufacturing plant and machinery.  In 2004 the company upgraded its facilities to EU standards.

Mosta Bacon Today

Today Mosta Bacon Co. Ltd. is one of the few established meat processing & frozen food importation companies in Malta which employs over 60 people. It has remained a family business and is currently run by the first and second generation.

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